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    Replace Four Or More Teeth

    Replacing Four Or More Teeth With Dental Implants

    Full arch implants are an option in cases where all teeth are missing, or in such a condition that the full arch will need to be replaced. This restoration is customizable to match a patient’s facial structure and is permanently affixed to the jawbone, so it will never move out of place.

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    Chewing Ability

    The ability to chew food is often taken for granted by those without dental problems. For people with dentures or tooth pain, chewing can be nearly impossible. Lack of chewing forces create a limited diet and many negative affects on health and social well-being. For those losing their teeth or currently wearing dentures, implants can drastically increase chewing ability. Someone wearing upper and lower dentures may only have the ability to chew at 10-15% of their youthful maximum. But with dental implants, chewing forces can be restored up to 100% giving you the ability to eat like you did when you were younger.

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